What is eziKey?

eziKey is Australia's Smartest and Most Innovative Key Management System.

Finally - a key safe that belongs in our information-driven times!


We knew that a standard key safe was a good way to keep keys secure, but an unsatisfactory way to keep track of keys or user access. With a standard key safe, anyone who knows your standard combination can access all keys in the safe without any traceability. Not only that, if you choose to restrict access to particular users, you have to change the entire combination for every person in your business.

Standard key safes - "Secure, yes. Intelligent, no."

However, our eziKey system knows every key that your business has and where they are through a sophisticated technology, which includes biometric scanning and touch-screen technology. Each user has their own log on and can only be issued the keys that they have access to. In the instance of needing to remove a user's access, it is as simple as deleting their user profile in our Touch Controller, with no other user affected.

The best bit? Through our sophisticated Management Tool, all keys have clear and accurate movement visibility, so you will always know who has the keys to your assets and for what purpose.

Key Features

Touch screen

The eziKey user interface is a simple, user friendly system and utilises the latest touchscreen technology.

Key Vault

Our Vault is a secure, alarmed and purpose-built vault which has been designed to offer maximum security for all keys.

Live Key Transactions

All eziKey system transactions are uploaded to your eziKey operating system and are fully accessible via the eziKey Management Tool.

Fingerprint & Licence Scan Technology

The eziKey system contains sophisticated technologies for biometric fingerprint reading and drivers licence scanning, therefore drastically improves business security and efficiencies.

Unique User ID & Password

All authorised users of the eziKey system are assigned a unique ID and password for secure access to the Key Vault, via either the fingerprint reader or touch screen application.

Asset Usage Data

Our system includes an in-depth management program, which provides customers with detailed reports highlighting the use of assets and key movement.

Connect Multiple eziKey Products

The eziKey system has the ability to connect to multiple sites and locations across your business network.

Insurance Compliant

Our Key Vault meets the specific and detailed key security requirements of all major insurance companies.

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