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Peter Delios
Sales Manager | Audi Centre Doncaster


Dear eziKey Team,

This is just a quick note to say thank you for support with our business and our key security needs. As you know we have been using eziKey for a little while now and can’t imagine going back to the old key safes in use prior to eziKey.

Our staff now spend less time looking for keys to cars, increasing our productivity and of course vehicle infringements can now be easily allocated without any stress or exposure to our business.

I’m looking forward to the ongoing relationship between my business and eziKey Australia.



David Schutt
Service Manager | Audi Penfold Burwood & Malvern


We have been using eziKey for over 3 years and we now can’t imagine our business without a smart key solution like yours. I would like to thank you for your prompt support with our key security management. We even use it now to manage our Trade Plate usage too!

eziKey has increased my workshop’s productivity and my team’s morale. Not only this, our loan vehicle infringements can now be easily allocated without any financial exposure to our business.



Greg Baines
General Manager, Aftersales | South Yarra BMW


"eziKey picks up all the efficiencies of the sales team when they are doing demo's, as well as when a fine comes in it is easy to trace."


Watch Greg's full interview below:


Neil Blackbourn
Stock Controller | North Shore BMW


Since we installed the eziKey system in our dealership, it has helped me immensely in my job as Stock Controller. I really like the fact that every time a key is placed back into a safe it updates the vehicle’s location as well as requests kilometre updates by the user.

The eziKey system updates the location and kilometres in almost real time so there is little running around to find keys and wasting time to deliver cars to customers etc. and solves similar issues within our service department. There is also the simplicity of the admin system to clear the fobs so they can be re-used. All in all, the system as we have it set up has been very useful.



Peter Johnson
Dealer Principal | Pakenham Isuzu Ute


To Wayne and the eziKey team.

As you are aware, the job of a Dealer Principal is to oversee every aspect of the operation of an Automotive Dealership. There are always areas that need attention, and whilst I know key management is very important in my business from a security and compliance point of view, it was a topic that was never top of the tree.

Since the implementation of eziKey into our business, there is a new found peace of mind that there is process in place for locating keys and the vehicles they belong to. More importantly there is confidence that compliance is being met from an insurance stand point.

My Sales Managers are happy because they know how many test drives and loans are happening on a day to day basis, and my Service Management team is happy because the productivity of our technicians has significantly improved now knowing where customers cars are located.

I initially did not know just how much of a positive impact eziKey would make on our business, but now I can safely say that it is definitely something I am happy to have in my business and would recommend to other Dealer Principals.



Greg Johnstone
Managing Director | Penfold Motors


We have had the eziKey system for many years now and over that time we have gradually implemented it across our whole business. It has been quickly accepted by the staff and is now seen as an integral part of our stock management.

Knowing all keys are kept in one place and secure is very comforting and being able to easily identify the last user makes finding missing keys simpler.

In the event of an infringement notice it is very easy to trace the driver and allocate the fine.

I would certainly recommend eziKey to any Dealer.



Michael Smith
Aftersales Manager, Porsche Centre Brighton


On a daily basis, we have noticed the benefits in working with eziKey. Implementing such a sophisticated key management system has completely transformed how we do business. eziKey has taken the guesswork out of our vehicle management and saved us time and money. By creating an audit trail, we have been able to easily manage and track vehicle movements and as a result, lost keys and staff inefficiencies have become a thing of the past!

The interface is very intuitive and straightforward, but still has the software ability to produce comprehensive reports that can assist us in dictating how we operate and resource our vehicle’s movement needs. The ease in which it integrates with our DMS is just as impressive as it appeared to happen seamlessly.

Easily one of the most noticeable benefits has been the accountability and traceability, allowing us to better manage infringements and save thousands of dollars. We find we are wasting less time on vehicle management, which in turn allows us more time to grow our business.

I couldn't recommend eziKey and its system enough to any dealership that wants to track their vehicle movement and have an accountability process in place.



Richard Mast
Stock Processing Manager, Stillwell Motor Group


I would just like to say thank you to Wayne & the team. Your ongoing support and your great product certainly make my work day a lot easier. With up to 600 vehicles in stock at one time, spread through multiple storage areas and various staff accessing the keys, it makes tracking of keys & vehicles a straight forward task. The thought of storing & sorting that many keys any other way is a nightmare.

Thanks again,




Danny Caron
ICT/Facilities Manager, Frankston/Cranbourne Toyota Group


I just wanted to reach out and let you know that the flexibility in the eziKey technology is fantastic for our business. I am very pleased that the eziKey product integrates with our DMS and we can push our new vehicle stock directly to the multiple eziKey vaults. The eziKey Management Tool is something that can be used centrally to service each of our sites, and also something that can be used site-by-site which I think is great.

Because eziKey can identify multiple sites, I can keep all of our staff members happy and each business running smoothly from a technology and I.T. point of view. The touch screen and fingerprint scanner are easy to use by our staff members, which allows me to get more work done as I don’t need to be supporting our team all the time. I know our business would certainly be lost without eziKey installed and in use across our whole business.




Stephen Simmons
Transport Manager | Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania


Thank you for the recent service update on the key boxes in Launceston. The key boxes have been great for our business as they provide extended security of the vehicle keys and also allowed us to reduce our vehicle fleet due to the sharing arrangement the key box affords us. As our business is a 24 hour operation the key box has allowed us to have cars available 24 hours a day via the key box which in turn has freed up our Security staff to concentrate on their normal duties rather than handing out keys. 


Michael Sparks
Manager Transport Unit, South | Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania



Like my Northern counterpart the Hobart based key boxes have allowed vehicles to be picked up/returned to base 24 hours a day, greatly increasing Staff access to vehicles within these sites. The introduction of the key boxes has vastly decreased administration time to collect/give out keys including completing of the Smartfleet Completion slips as with the key boxes driver's now need to do this process on return of the keys.