Smart Key Solutions for Real Estate Agencies.

Real Estate Agencies

If you are a Real Estate Agency and manage a large portfolio of homes, either to sell or to lease, eziKey can help you. Our robust, scalable key management solution will help simplify and manage key movement and tracking, saving you and your staff valuable time and money.

We combine the security of a industry-standard key safe and the latest technology to streamline tracking individual keys to properties at any given time.



Ensure the keys to all of the properties in your care are secured from any key theft.

eziKey's 71 Key Vault is built using the same industry standards as the leaders in Key Safes, providing the strength required to keep the keys secure from unauthorised key users. As such, our 71 Key Vault is an Allianz Insurance Approved Key Safe. If you insure your business through Allianz, you will have the full support of your insurer and you may also be eligible for a reduction in your insurance premium if you use eziKey to secure keys.



Every time a property key is removed or replaced from the eziKey Vault, the transaction is logged by eziKey and can be viewed through our eziKey Management Tool. You can access a range of reports about key movements, including the person accessing the key, the time and date of removal and replacement, and the location of removal and replacement (if you have multiple business sites or locations).

You can now have full visibility of the movement of your staff members, whether it be to inspect a rental property or show prospective buyers through a new home. The reason we can be so accurate with our reporting is due to the unique User Accounts that every user must use to access property keys.



eziKey uses the latest security technology to ensure only authorised users are accessing your keys.

Every authorised user in your business is set up with their own unique User Account. This comprises of a username, a password, fingerprint recognition, a Drivers Licence scan (for identification purposes, also handy if your company shares a pool of vehicles), and user role access - to limit user functionality if necessary.

This will assist your business with staff efficiency on quick access to keys, but also ensuring you know exactly who is accessing each key and at what time. You will no longer have trouble finding the keys to properties or tracking key loans - remember, a fingerprint is totally unique!



Keep track of the keys that you loan out through eziKey's automatically generated Key Loan Forms.

If you are loaning property keys to someone who isn't an eziKey Authorised User (for example, a tenant who is accessing their spare key, or for maintenance reasons), eziKey's Identification Scanner can take a photograph of their drivers licence, ID card or other form of identification, store the details of the receiver as well as the details of the property that you are loaning them (from the eziKey fob) and print out a custom Loan Form with your business branding and unique loan agreement terms.


What's Next?

Learn more about the process of getting eziKey in your business, or simply get in touch with us to ask any more questions you have!

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