Is it easy to use?

Of course it is! We have a purpose-built user interface that is designed to be “self-guided” and quick to use. Just like many digital consumer products today, it is very easy to navigate through the instructions and steps. However, as a part of our service we offer unlimited onsite training & support when requested.

How many keys should we manage for eziKey to be viable?

The traceability that our clients receive from using eziKey immediately pays for itself when a key is lost or vehicle infringement is received. Some of our clients manage many hundreds of keys, however 25 to 50 keys should be the minimum your business has to achieve a worthwhile return on investment.

What Operating System does eziKey run on?

The eziKey product runs on its own custom-built software that is installed into a standalone PC in the eziKey Controller. Our Management Software can be installed on any Windows based computer. If you are not a Windows user, don’t worry, just speak with us for further solutions.

How is eziKey charged?

eziKey is set up on a lease term, charged monthly over a term of 60 months (5 years). If your business requires a shorter or longer term please speak with one of our team members.

The monthly charges include the use of our hardware (Vault and Controller) as well as unlimited usage of our Software and Software updates.

For more information on our costs please reach out to us. We will be happy to visit your business and provide a solution to your Key Management needs.

What level of training and support is offered?

As a part of the agreement between your business and eziKey, we offer training and support to your business at no cost as often as you want it. This can include basic one-on-one training all the way through to training on our software upgrades to your whole team of staff.

Repairs, Maintenance & Warranty on Hardware?

We build our eziKey product to be robust and secure, but sometimes repairs are inevitable. If there is any repair work required due to a defect in our product, we will fix our product at no cost. If repairs are required due to mis-use of our eziKey product, those costs will be charged separately to your lease agreement.

The eziKey product is also maintained every 6 months to ensure there is no down-time to your business. Our maintenance schedule will be clearly outlined to you on our lease agreement to ensure your business is aware of when we will visit for maintenance.

The eziKey team members that build and install our product are also the ones who maintain and repair them. This ensures a quick turn-around and gets your business back up and running as soon as possible.

How do I book a Service or Repair?

If your eziKey product needs a potential repair, please simply send us an ote via the “Contact Us” page on the website, or give us a call on 1300 EZI KEY. Follow the prompts for “Support” and speak to one of our team.

Our team will usually reach out to you when your eziKey product needs a service or its routine maintenance. If we haven’t yet, please get in contact via the “Contact Us” page or giving us a call on 1300 EZI KEY.

What if something goes wrong or the power goes out?

eziKey is reliant on power to effectively manage and track key transactions. We understand that sometimes there are power outages or other issues that arise that are out of your control.

eziKey is built with a manual fail-safe (but still secure) in case of this happening.

If this is the case, please get in contact with us and we can step you through the fail-safe steps.

What if the eziKey Fobs were to get lost or damaged?

If you are ever in need of replacement Fobs, simply get in touch with us and we are able to dispatch more via express postage or in person. Please note that there may be a charge for additional eziKey Fobs.

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